Club100MegaDeal Ultimate Ayia Napa 2019 Events PackageClub 100 is without a doubt the best deal you will ever have on your holiday trip to Ayia Napa. It’s an essential money saver for all the must do events throughout your week’s stay in Napa. People are saying its too good to be true, but yes its happening and its been selling like crazy! Imagine a whole week of unbeatable fun being covered by just £125!

Sixt year running we are glad to say that everyone that booked their Club100 Package with us had a tremendous time and really enjoyed the best of Ayia Napa without spending a fortune and above all without the stress of chasing after tickets, as all their week is planned with the best and must do events in the resort.

This super deal includes the legendary KANDI FEST – (Previously known as Kandi beach party. The biggest weekly event in Europe & Ayia Napa’s leading event) KANDI BOAT PARTY – (The only Boat Party worth going on in Ayia Napa. Simply more than just a Boat Party! It is an all inclusive event that cover your whole day and night of unlimited fun! You get a Free T shirt, Open Bar on the boat, Club Ice/Shuffle entry plus After Party. The boat is known to have big special guest on every cruise and its now officially run under the Kandi legendary imprint), Ayia Napa Square STREET PARTY  – (Includes T-shirt, Eree bar, Club entry to the biggest club night of the week, After Party and much more..), NAPA ROCKS POOL PARTY – (The Infamous Pambos Napa Rocks Pool Party…),  UV PAINT PARTY – (The biggest paint party on the mediterranean @ CLUB ICE Arena),  AYIA NAPA FOAM PARTY– (The legendary foam party, every Thursday @ CLUB ICE Arena), Entry to SHUFFLE CLUB (The only house, deep house, minimal tech club in Ayia Napa), Entry to the legendary Club BLACK N’ WHITE (The only urban club in Ayia Napa), Entry to Club ICE (Home of all International events in the resort), AYIA NAPA MVP WRISTBAND (The MVP Wristband gives you 45+ deals all over Ayia Napa. Huge money saver!)

NEW! We are introducing the Club100MegaDeal Card, which will be given to you upon arrival in Ayia Napa. To receive the card you need to print your e-ticket and bring it with you to Ayia Napa. The collection point this summer will be at the Igloo Bar (next to Club ICE) on the main Napa Square. We will exchange your ticket to the Club100MegaDeal Card.

The benefit of introducing the #Club100MegaDeal Cards is that it is unnecessary to go everywhere with your printed ticket. All you need is your card, which you will take to all the events, clubs & parties involved.

Also note that with events like Kandi Beach Party, Kandi Boat Party, Street Party, Napa Rocks Pool Party and UV Paint Party all comes with an entry into Club Ice Arena and Club Shuffle for a big night plus entry to a after party club until 8 in the morning! So its definitely all you need for your week – Club100MegaDeal.

Club100 is Limited Ticket! Book your tickets as early as u can before the tickets available for your week sells out. While booking choose the day on which you want your package to start and it’s valid for a week from that day.

Ayia Napa Club 100 Mega Deal price breakdown

Quick breakdown on how much you are saving:

  • Kandi Fest (Pre-sale price = £55)
  • Kandi Boat Party (Pre-sale price = £50)
  • Street Party (Pre-sale price = £25)
  • UV Paint Party @ ICE (Pre-sale price = £20)
  • Foam Party @ ICE (Pre-sale price = £20)
  • Napa Rocks Pool Party (Pre-sale price = £25)
  • UK Presents (Pre-sale price = £30)
  • Ayia Napa MVP Wristband (Pre-sale price = £20)
  • Club Black n White (Pre-sale price = £10)
  • Club Shuffle (Pre-sale price = £10)
  • Club ICE (Pre-Sale price = £15)
  • After Party (Pre-Sale price = £10 per party)

On top of it all, you get a VIP queue jump and a priority access to all venues involved. All for one amazing price of £125 making you an official Club 100 member… Save time, Save your hard earned cash and experience the best Ayia Napa has to offer!

Week Pass Details

Monday = Nissi Beach Party (3pm) and Kandi Street Party (9:30pm) 
(Join us as we take over the world famous Nissi Beach, Surrounded by high rocks, fine sand and clear water, this is the most popular beach on the island. Special guest DJ’s and host every Monday playing the best music. Complimentary cocktail for all Club100 members.)

(Kandi Street Party at the main Ayia Napa Square “Circus Square”. You get a free T-shirt, free bar, Crazy games & competitions, Club entry to the biggest club night of the week with biggest Djs and acts @ ICE Arena and Free entry to after party!)

Tuesday = Kandi Boat Party (Day) and UV Paint Party @ Club Ice (Night)
(Kandi Boat – The Ayia Napa Stars event. Just like Kandi Fest it includes, T-shirt, Transfer, Open bar for 2 hours on the boat, Club entry, plus After Party entry and party on the waves of the sea with your favourite stars on board!)
(You also get a free entry & queue jump to the biggest paint party in the Mediterranean – UV Paint Party @ Ice Arena. Get ready for the carnage!)

Wednesday = Special Event at Club ICE and entry to Housecat at Club Shuffle
(Shuffle is the only Deep House/Minimal Tech Club in Napa)

Thursday = The Infamous Pambos Pool Party (2 pm), Free entry to the Iconic club Black & White and Foam Party @ Club Ice
(Pambos Napa Rocks Pool Party Includes 1 hour open bar)
(Black N’ White is one of the most recognized clubs, situated in the heart of Napa’s music scene. First opening its doors in the mid 1980′s, this legendary urban music venue has earned it’s reputation of being one of the hottest nightspots in Europe!)

(You also get a free entry & queue jump to the biggest foam party in the Mediterranean – @ Ice Arena.)

Friday = Kandi Fest (Previously known as Kandi Beach Party)
(Well this needs no introduction… The best event in Ayia Napa. Everyone gets a free T-shirt, Transfer back to Ayia Napa, Free club entry for International club night, plus free after party)

Saturday = UK PRESENTS (Live P.A. from the UK at Club ICE) (9pm)
(Includes 2 hours open bar)
(Later on at night, you also get a free entry to Garage Nation x House Of Silk @ Club Ice Arena)

Sunday = Club Crawl
(On Sunday night everybody with the Club100MegaDeal cards are allowed to go to Club Ice, Club Black N White, Aqua & Club Shuffle (Club & Afterparty) totally free… You will be given access to all the 4 clubs on one night!)

Everyday = Free entry to after parties

MVP Wristband
(In adition to all this, we include the AyiaNapaMVP Wristband in every Club100 Package! MVP is the biggest money saver for Napa! Over 45 amazing deals confirmed saving you up to €300 in the resort!)

This is a Limited ticket, so get yours as soon as you can before they all sell out. Without a doubt the best deal ever in Ayia Napa!

This ticket is available exclusively online. CONTACT US if you need additional information.
You can also call us or message us on: 00447472723322.